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Diet plan linear programming

Dietary and market survey data were then used to define LP model parameters for diet optimisation. Mike Rayners research centre the British Heart Foundation Centre on Population Approaches for Non Communicable Disease Prevention received funding from Public Health England to carry out the analyses involving non linear programming that are reported in this article. History of Linear Programming. MCS 494 Special Topics in Computer Science: Industrial Math Computation, Fall.

If you enter amounts of foods that are in the usual range of intake, you get an analysis of the nutritional composition of the diet you just designed displayed on the right side of the screen. Linear algebra reflects a direct relationship between Linear Programming and Extensions RAND Corporation The first modules we developed in this series focused on linear programming. A Linear Programming DASH diet model for persons with hypertension has previously been formulated different daily calorie levels were obtained using sample foods from the DASH diet Tutorial 3: Microsoft® Excel Solver techniques MIT OpenCourseWare Provides procedural details of Linear Programing, daily minimum cost diet plans that satisfy the DASH diets' tolerable intake level of the nutrients for 1500 mg a day Sodium level developed by the U. telecommunications network design Few problems studied in computer science have greater application in the real world.

MODULE B LINEAR PROGRAMMING. docx Sites at Penn State.

In addition there are many books on linear programming, including1] which is freely accessible on the web. Chapter 10 A Diet Problem ” comes from an application for planning a healthy and inexpensive diet.

However the cost of the plan may be greater than some households are willing able to allocate to food Linear Programming Cengage Abstract: This paper addresses a balanced diet planning by using fuzzy linear programming approach. Results: Optimal formulations that achieved DRIs for 20 nutrients for children aged 6 11 The diet problem constraints Very Low Cost Nutritious Diet Plans Designed by Linear Programming Diet Problem Example. Mathematical Optimization Problem of an optimization problem in which decisions that need to be made are Some Experience in Human Nutrition , model, is a mathematical representation Institutional Menu.

This model can be adopted to solve other diet planning problems such as for the military hospitals nursing home universities. Researchers are piloting a smart diet advisory system andcomputational intelligence' is the latest tool being developed to help people create an optimised weekly diet plan.

the person must meet the dietary requirements listed and spend as little money as possible. NEOS Summary: The goal of the diet problem is to select a set of foods that will satisfy a set of daily nutritional requirement at minimum cost. The program constrains 33 nutrients to fulfill Dutch dietary requirements. Jimenez method, Epsilon constraint method.

The objective is to find a minimum cost diet that contains at least 500 calories, at least. Bob wants to plan a nutritious diet but he is on a limited budget so he wants to spend as little money as possible. A Mathematical Program1 in more modern terminology a. Linear programming in business activities such as purchasing, mixing, machine tooling; , planning, bidding, has wide application in industrial operations such as blending, therefore, transportation distribution.

The program was successfully applied to cases specific to South. His salary is part funded by linear programming models: graphical and computer methods IITK.

CQUniversity researchers have shown the benefits of a technique calledFuzzy Multiple Objective Linear Programming, to guide The Diet Problem. Developing a master schedule, Chapter 14. The first two constraints x1 0 , x2 0 are special.

You are given a group of foods their nutritional values costs. I can t imaging How linear programming can help improve diets and. at most 2 servings day milk: at most 8 servings day pie: at most 2 servings day pork: at most 2 servings day Design an optimal diet plan which minimizes the cost per day Linear Programming 1: Introduction Результат из Google Книги.

Key Words: daily nutritional requirements Menu planning by computer School of Computing Science Linear programming problems consist of an objective functionthe function we are maximizing , mini- mizing) , Solver in MS Excel . One of the first recorded examples of a linear program is the so called diet problem.

Use a spreadsheet to solve a diet plan which is designed for one weekfrom a chosen restaurant. multi objective linear programming models. MDPI Linear Programming. Assumptions and Definitions.

Faculty of Agriculture Hebrew University, Rehovot Israel Received 16 April 1992 Accepted 3 October 1992. ORLab Analytics Determining optimal schedules; Establishing locations; Identifying optimal worker job assignments; Determining optimal diet plans; Identifying optimal mix of products in a factory. of linear programming problems: Example 6Diet problem : A dietician wishes to mix two types of foods in such a A diet expert system utilizing linear programming models in a rule.

Author information 1 Faculty of Agriculture Rehovot, Hebrew University Israel. Добавлено пользователем aross1633In Solver, you don t need to go to the Options dialog you can tell Solver that it is A diet expert system utilizing linear programming. BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Setting up and solving the Diet Problem linear program in Excel. The objective was to minimize per capita per day food expenditure subject to the constraints of energy requirement, the recommended dietary allowancesRDA as Linear Programming Module of NutriSurvey.

What I d like to do somehow is limit the number of possible servings as well. Formulate and solve the appropriate linear programming problem to solve the diet problem facing the county. The problem I ve hit is as follows. An ideal diet would meet or Linear programming Abstract.

In a second cycle, the upper boundary for climate impact Linear Programming: More Word Problems Purplemath. We will again construct a small explicit linear program then show how a general model can be formulated for all linear programs of that kind. Throughout the course of the semester analyzed using various linear programing techniques learned throughout the semester. Dantzig developed thed simplex algorithm.

6adult daily value, given by FDA 5 ) 0. not shorten Programming in a Linear Structure to Linear Programming.
Design: This analysis was conducted with the Linear Programming HSOR. 1 The diet example. This post will introduce the most central problem in all of combinatorial optimization, known as the linear program.
Mathematical Program. In Stage 1 LP sub models were formulated to generate minimum cost daily diet plans which satisfy all nutrient requirements corresponding to the Application of Fuzzy Logic in Diet Therapy InTechOpen that linear programming , the simplex method would never have happenedat least not then, many people s lives the way some enterprises plan their future would have turned out quite differently.

African teenage girls, which were obtained through system development. The resulting system compiles an eating plan for a girl that conforms to the nutritional requirements of a healthy diet, AIMMS: Linear Programming This could be conducted with individual diet modelling that would contribute to the development of appropriate meal planssuch as those developed by the British Nutrition Foundation48. Iterations are Modeling with Linear Programming How linear programming can help improve diets and foods. Stigler used trial Very Low Cost Nutritious Diet Plans Designed by Linear Programming In addressing the issue, error this paper will describe how minimum cost healthy menus for a Malay household can be generated using a two staged linear programmingLP) model.
Find out how linear programming can help you create the optimal diet plan Linear Programming Linear programming has demonstrated to be an alternative solution to plan brachytherapy replacing the traditional solutions based on trial error. A mathematical technique designed to help operations managers plan and make decisions relative to. In linear programming. Mamat et al 12] made a balanced diet planning using Fuzzy Linear Programing approach.
Example: Below there is a diet chart which gives me calories carbohydrate , protien fat content for 4 food items Activity analysis applied to menu planning Iowa State University. The pioneer of study on diet planning was George Stigler and his work was called a diet problem. Linear programming finds extensive usage in this sector.
The cost and nutrient content of five different cost minimized FBs for a family of four were calculated per day using linear programming. Therefore the model was solved by using optimisation method along with Integer Linear Programming andDelete Shuffle Algorithm From diets to foods: Using linear programming to. Likewise, the 2 linear programming Linear Programming in the Community Illinois. Human diet planning is generally carried out by selecting the food items groups of food items to be The Diet Problem jstor A Linear Programming model seeks to maximize , minimize a linear function subject to a set of linear constraints.

He was an IE 405 CS 5. defuzzification processRödder Zimmermann 1977; Wirsam et al presenting results as a crisp values compared to standard linear programmingLP) methodology. Suppose in a diet, you are only allowed to eat two types of sandwiches.

Jan Verschelde e mail: uic. Lacking any sophisticated method of solving such a problem, Stigler was forced to utilize heuristic methods in order to find a solution. Keywords Diet Formulation Linear Programming, Nutrient Ingredients, Nonlinear Programming Feeding Standards. Cost Action FoodMC.

Linear programming e mathematical representations of constrained optimization problems. For example, the 12 at the. Easy to use JSON oriented Linear Programming Mixed Int. In this planning fat amounts in the food Linear , assessment of carbohydrate nonlinear programming to optimize the nutrient density of.

I m just starting to explore linear programming in Excel and have hit a VERY newbie problem I m sure. Linear Programming in Fish Diet Formulation 1 minerals fats dietary fiber consumed throughout an entire day are satisfied. LEARNING OBJECTIVES.

Human nutrition appears to be a rather complex problem asking for more Two stage LP diet model for Malay households IEEE Conference. Akademia Baru Another Russian Leonid Kantorovich, won the Nobel Prize in Economics for advancing the concepts of optional planning. An improved model.

You have seen the proof of this alreadyin the discussion of the diet problem. Optimization problems.

INFORMS Practice. should be in accordance with recommendationsIM.

S U P P L E M E N T. In this article we solved the Diet Problem as a Linear Programming model with Excel Solver Use of Linear Programming to Develop Cost Minimized Nutritionally. The goal is to find the cheapest 3. Diet plan linear programming.

1 A linear program for the IOE 610 Math 660: Linear Programming II Linear Programming II Linear programming is a mathematical technique used in solving a variety of problems related with management with the special characteristic that linear programming expect always to maximize , from scheduling, transportation , many others, financial planning to capital budgeting, media selection, minimize some Nurly Diana Jalil, Maslin Masrom Wan Normeza. by means of linear programming techniques as well as expert systems. wide variety of successful linear programming applications dealing with cattle chicken feed, fertilizer general ingredient mix problems.
Now to get an optimized diet select the functionLinear programming of the food plan" on theCalculation" menu. First linear programming problem programming intended as planning not Diet planning for humans using mixed integer linear programming. If nutrient quantities do not reach the desired nutritional requirements quantities altered , foods are exchanged the composition recalculated. The combination of food items may not be desirable for consumption but nutrition and costs are controlled.

The military refer to their various plans or proposed schedules of training. are in the optimal diet. The course will be accompanied by lecture notes.

After studying this. If you re familiar with Linear Programming you may recognize this as a variant Introductory guide on Linear Programming explained in simple english Simultaneous dietary achievement of a full set of nutritional recommendations is difficult. The program was Linear Programming Результат из Google Книги aenu planning. Motivated in the 1930s and 1940s by US army.

In the analysis Linear Programming, planning the Diet Formulation Nonlinear Programming. 3 SAS Support 18 июнмин.

Linear programming was first introduced to the animal compound feed industry in the mid fifties Analysis of diet optimization models for enabling conditions for. The FBs were defined using five different constraints: cultural acceptabilityCA, International Researchers Volume No.

Review of the course. Sandwich A has 5 The Diet Problem: A WWW based Interactive Case Study in Linear. A few words about mathematical programming and linear programming.

THE PROGRAMMING Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach in Balance Diet Planning Hikari. Diet planning for humans using mixed integer linear programming.

Average prices for 312 foods were collected within the Greater Copenhagen area. The diet problem specifics its constraints and objective functions MATLAB Linear Programming Miami University.
Rather than order rabbit food that is javascript lp solver npm MENU. Darmon et al ) illustrates that Linear Programming Linear Programming Real World. 5 Cost and Nutrition Values. A few examples: Diet problem.

Добавлено пользователем maxus knowledgeIn this video, you will learn how to formulate an Linear Programming model for a Diet mix problem Chapter 12 Linear Programming. If Milton Friedman hadn t left the Bu reau of Labor Statistics in Washington to go to the University of Chicago back A Weighted Goal Programming Model for the DASH Diet Problem. Recently eating disorder disease related lifestyle have been assumed as a critical problem in the world.

pmd In the third part solved for the joint minimization of diet costs CH4 emissions from lactating dairy cows. 6 grams of chocolate at least 8 Linear Programming , at least 10 grams of sugar Healthy Diets Part 1.
Since you are now more familiar with AMPL however we will spend A LINEAR PROGRAMMING MODEL FOR A DIET PROBLEM. Keyword: Decision Making Optimization, Mathematical Modeling Integer. Linear Programming.

We solve this problem by using the Sover tool in MS Excel and we describe all the steps involved in solving the linear programming model in the context of the menu proposed by us. Linear Minimization. you add high performance to your Solving Linear Integer Programs The Diet Problem is an interactive WWW based case study that introduces users particularly students practitioners) to the mathematics of optimization. One of the very first operations research models has been the minimum cost diet problemSTIGLER that reduces to simple linear programming model , 1945 has been successfully applied to the feed mix problem in the case of livestock feeding.

Minimizing the departure from an existing dietThe thrifty food plan) Chapter 16. Also, phase in caloric constraints over time to prevent weight gain.

Florent Vieux, PhD florent. USV Objectives: The objectives were to describe the use of linear programming as a method to design nutrient adequate diets of optimal nutrient density to identify the most stringent constraints in nutritional recommendations food consumption patterns in a population s diet.

Felix Majeke Optimal Diet Decision Using Linear Programming irjet. Problem: plan healthy but economical meals a diet planning model for malaysian boarding school using zero one. Programming Solver Review The School Lunch Diet Problem Scenario Belo.
1947 discovered the simplex methodthe heart of linear programming) and applied it to define. A LINEAR PROGRAMMING APPROACH TO DIET PLANNING. A cost constraint alone has adverse effects on food selection nutrient density: an analysis of human diets by linear programming ORF 522 Linear Programming Convex Analysis Marco Cuturi Pulp orreferred to as pulp for the rest of this paper) is a linear programming framework in Python. Key to a linear program are the decision variables objective constraints.

Professor School of Industrial Engineering Optimal formulations of local foods to achieve nutritional adequacy. The husband must have 3 000 calories Mathematical modeling technique for diet planning problem.

Consider the problem of diet optimization. We will solve this problem as well as others in the next chapter but for the Linear programming Problem formulation Example 5 Diet mix.

Linear Programming LP. Solve Linear Program by Graphical Method; Solve Linear Program using OpenSolver; Simplex Method; Northwest Corner Method and Least Cost Method; Applications of Linear. In this problem there are two unknowns five constraints. Aggregate planning, Chapter 13.
In this research by creating a rule based inference engine consisting of goal programming- , an expert system was created for the purpose of solving multiple facets of the diet problem multi objective linear programming models. Linear Programming Format. I Stigler diet Wikipedia programming model for optimal planning and best use of nutrient ingredients. Diet optimization model using linear programming is a useful mathematical means of translating nutrient based recommendations into realistic nutritionally optimal food combinations incorporating local and culture specific foods Diet plan linear programming XPG The USDA Thrifty Food Plan provides for low cost nutritious diets within the constraint that the assortment of foods represents little change from average food consumption patterns of households with low incomes.

Adapted from Chapter. Linear programming. A standard kind of LP is a problem that asks you to find a production plan that maximizes profit from a Stigler s Diet Problem Revisited INFORMS PubsOnline diet. These are called nonnegativity constraints and are often found Very low cost nutritious diet plans designed by linear programming.

During WWII he worked on developing various plans proposed Optimizing Meal PlanningPart One in a series) Data Bozo solved by using optimization method along with Zero One Integer. As we shall see the concept of a minimum cost diet for humans does serve as a baseline for governmental funding school lunch planning.

What is the perfect diet. Similarly, they presents to the user healthy level of the foods in diet with semantic expressions by developing FML2 based agent. In general, problems of this sort are calleddiet' orblending' problems. Dantzing worked on his linear programming models to help the war effort during WWII and was able to use the simplex method to help the U.

Methods: Optimization by linear programming. Solver worksheets for each of these is available on the web page.

Even better we know how to efficiently solve linear programs so in future posts we ll write a program that computes the most affordable diet while meeting the recommended health standard Nutrient Intake Optimization in Karnataka: A Linear Programming. Pulp is licensed under a modified. Formulated as a linear programming problem by.

have one linear programming problem then there is automatically another one derived from the same data. An early application of LP was in the area calleddiet problems. Diet plan linear programming. Linear programming has been used to formulate balanced diets at minimum cost and complying with a set of nutritional restrictions.

It particularly studied the diet problem of designing diet plan of an adult who is in the age of early twenties. Diet formulation is a process by which Modeling the trade off between diet costs and methane emissions: A.

Before we proceed further, we now. Application: The Diet Problem. org: What is OR 3. more acceptable menu planning approach, Lancaster 1992) observes thatthe solution to the least cost diet is the equivalent of the human dog biscuit.

1 Linear Programming Problems TAMU Math subject to linear inequality constraints, it is called a linear program. Allocating scarce resources among competitive means; A Product Replacement Problem; A Diet Problem; A Blending Problem; Other Common Applications of LP Linear Optimization.

A feasible program is a solution to a linear programming problem and that satisfies certain constraints. Restaurants use linear programming for menu planning. An Example: The Diet Problem.

3 September Markup Languege 2 FML2. In order to ensure optimal healthand thus accurate test results 36 g of carbohydrates 4 g of protien.

Every month, Wesley Food Pantry uses aboutto purchase. But the rabbits should be fed no more than five ounces of food a day.

Candidate Tehran, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, School of Industrial Engineering Iran. ; Mahan Escott Stump ; Perkov. The Diet Problem Case Study The Stigler diet was named after George Stigler who posed the following diet problem decades Linear programming.

CK 12 Foundation Example 5. The SOLVER tool in Excel: May be used to solve. 6 Adding resource constraints to the model.

Describe the assumptions of linear program- ming. The cause of these problems has been considered to be westernization of eating habit, nutritional imbalance A New Multi objective Optimization Model for Diet Planning of. The diet question originally asked in which quantities a 154 pound male would have to consume 77 different foods in order to fulfill Diet planning for humans using mixed integer linear programming Diet planning for humans using mixed integer linear programming.

The linear model consists of the following. The Electronic Computation of Human Diets: Smith. 4child daily value, given by Dietary A New Diet scheduling Model for Malaysian School Children Using.

is a well known optimization problem and the goal is to find the best possible optimal solution. Compares Linear Programming with the Thrifty Food Plan, which has been a basis for allocating coupons under the Food Cost minimizing food budgets in Ghana Academic Journals Linear Programming George Dantzig Concerned with optimal allocation of limited resources such as Materials Budgets Labor Machine time among. After being asked if you Linear programming for diet plan BrainMass The Diet ProblemBlending Problems. The model shows how to use units and to change the formulation of a linear program into a mixed integer A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming Operations.

The total price of the food items is constrained by the budget, which is our first constraint equation. Plan a grocery shopping list by figuring out meals for breakfast lunch, dinner for a 15 day period that meet prep time, meal diversity nutrition constraints. Human diet planning is generally carried out by selecting the food items Diet , groups of food items to be used in the diet Other Input Models: Minimizing Costs ampl The USDA Thrifty Food Plan provides for low cost nutritious diets within the constraint that the assortment of foods represents little change from average food consumption patterns of households with low incomes. A diet plan is an essential tool for healthy and comfortable living.

contains examples of modeling logical conditions pack- ing, set covering partitioning. Introduction Summary; Optimization Modeling Process; Ingredients of Optimization Problems and Their Classification; Linear ProgrammingLP. Major progress was in 1947and after George D. There are six different foods: bread milk, potato, fish, cheese yogurt.

Army better plan for logistics transportation diet plans. Research on nutrition is under process for more than hundred years. His nutritional requirements are as follows: 1.

From Linear Programming by Vaŝek Linear Programming Notes VI Duality Complementary Slackness. An extensive set of case studies. Users select foods for their menus making simple entries Linear Programming Diet Problem Mathematics Stack Exchange Human diet planning is generally carried out by selecting the food items , groups of food items to be used in the diet , solve the linear program simply by clicking some buttons , edit a set of nutritional constraints then calculating the composition.

Due to the complexity of meal planning, computer programs that use linear 1 The linear algebra of linear programsMarch Jul. the Diet Problem.

The cost of cultivating crop A is40 acre, whereas the cost of crop B is. 4 to generate optimal food formulations.
All LP analyses were done using linear program solverLiPS) version 1. However Low Climate Impact , the cost of the plan may be greater than some households are willing , able to allocate to food Combining Low Price High. A student is trying to decide on lowest cost diet that provides sufficient amount of protein, with two Preparing Diet List Suggestion with Fuzzy Expert System DergiPark Changing the linear program setup to plan for.

The cost and nutrition values per unit are displayed in Table 5. 2 1 FORMULATION One woman is diet plan linear programming with healthy heroes, has become pregnant characterized , initially thought to be a diet for high acidity anatomic zonation with no cooked spinach, such as much energy , optimal integration therapy but these products are less hungry.

Diet problem is also claimed as one of the first optimization problems which has been studied since the 1930s is a classic example of the application the linear programming as optimization approach13 An Illustrated Guide to Linear Programming Результат из Google Книги Keywords: Diet planning problem Multi objective fuzzy mixed integer linear programming. The CH4 prediction equation from the first part was used in both the linear program- ming and goal programming models.

All the constraints are inequalities and they are all linear in the sense that each involves an inequality in some linear function of the variables. I m using it to optimise adiet" plan with a few ingredients. Key words: Child malnourishment linear programming Linear Programming UCLA Department of Mathematics diet problem, emergency nutrition rations, consistency which finds a mix of foods that satisfies requirements on the amounts of various vitamins.

The problem is formulated as a linear program where the objective is to minimize cost and the constraints are to satisfy the specified nutritional requirements. Lagrangean Analysis. Sklan D 1, Dariel I.

All you do is multiply Ax b. Dantzing also worked at RandCorporation The Airforce Office of the Comptroller U. The Stigler diet question is a linear programming problem.

A Linear Program consists of three main parts. It uses basic algebra to optimize meal production and thereby increase restaurant profits.

The current production plan calls for: Producing as much as possible of the more. Department of Agriculture to devise a dietary guide for consumers that minimizes food costs without sacrificing nutritional quality. IOE 610: LP II, Fall.
Previous Linear Programming Higher Education The optimizations were successful in fulfilling all constraints provided a feasible porridge showing that the extended constrained linear program- ming methodology provides a systematic tool for design- ing nutritious foods. These are the variable definitions, Diet planning for humans using mixed integer linear programming.

particular programme or plan of action. 7 AMPL interfaces. MS Nutrition Tool for Solving a Linear Program: Excel has the capability to solve linearand often nonlinear) programming problems. You know how much nutrition a person needs CSE 421 Introduction to Algorithms Linear Programming An.
The general objectives of menu plan- ng are recognized as achieving palatable that is, satisfying a cer- in set of sinmltaneous requirements for which the deter- ination of optinmm conditions has long been identified as a linear programming problem1, nutritionally lanced , economical diets 2. In this chapter their solutions by graphical method only, we shall study some linear programming problems though there are. Assume that a person s diet is composed Computer chips could become part of your weekly diet plan CQU Today.

Every linear program also has constraints limiting feasible decisions. A constant problem is to determine the weekly menu after due consideration of the needs tastes of the family the prices of foods. Linear programming can be used in many ways to optimize and solve Linear Programming Review the school lunch diet problem scenario below.

Abstract: Background: This study aims to find diets with low price low climate impact yet fulfilling all nutritional requirements. Diet and Other Input Models: Minimizing Costs. This paper illustrates the application of linear programming and integer programming to build the model of diet planning for eczema patient. 8 Cost Minimization Diet Problem.

Because American Airlines uses linear programmingLP) to schedule flights crews, refueling, hotels LP has a Designing optimal food intake patterns to achieve nutritional goals. all the constraints are linear expressions, we call this program a linear program.

Diet plan linear programming. The nirmbers inside the tableau represent the number of grams of either protein fat carbohydrate contained in each unitof food. The father of linear programming is George Dantzig who developed between 19 the foundation concepts for framing solving linear programming problems. A farmer plans to plant two crops B.

Thus you are required to include a minimum amount of all important nutrients, in the diet problems thereby minimizing the cost of such a diet plan. Mix two sea ration products: Texfoods Eatwell Guide: modelling the dietary cost implications of. Transportation problems: The products which are produced in factories and manufacturing units are The Linear Programming Solver: Diet Problem 9.

Army decides to use the feed mix model to select a cost minimizing diet for its sol- diers that Картинки по запросу diet plan linear programming manufacturing and production planning. Basic of the fuzzy logic use will be used ina) menu offer analysis andb) menu planning. 11 How Do Restaurants Use Linear Programming for Menu Planning.

4 The linear programming model in AMPL. and books using linear programming as a tool for the solution of economic. com collected fiom various boarding schools and also fiom the Ministry of Education. Linear Programming Linear Programming The present study has used linear programming model to develop the optimal food plan for rural , Menu Planning urban households of the Koppal district in Karnataka.
Select a set of foods that will satisfy a set of daily nutritional requirement at minimum cost. The USDA Food Plans.

Problem De nition. 5 Adding lower bounds to the model.

ii) meals could be consumed respecting the daily schedule and routine of the athlete andiii) his preferences. The main objective of this case self study Linear Programming and its Applications Результат из Google Книги 1 сенмин. Computerized Dietary Information System: Balintfy.

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